My husband Matt and I have lived in New Hampton since 1978 when we chose to make New Hampshire our home shortly after our marriage.  My ancestors, Edward and William Hilton, first came to New Hampshire from England on the Fortune in 1623 and are considered by some historians to be the closest to who would be considered the “founders” of New Hampshire.  We  have two sons: our eldest son, Jonathan and his wife Alisha have a daughter (Emily Nicole) and son (Andy) and our youngest son is Christopher. 
                      We belong to St. Agnes Catholic Church and serve as ministers of hospitality.
                       While in the New Hampshire House, I sponsored legislation to require replacement cost of a                                   business when taken by eminent domain, to promote competition and reduce over regulation in                             health care, and to advance the use of medical savings accounts for government employees.                                 Lower spending, less government and tax reform is the way to keep taxes low.  When I  served                           on the education funding committee of the Finance Committee, I fought to stop the unfairness of                         “DONOR TOWNS” in the state wide education tax.  We need a constitutional amendment that                             will enable the state to send additional funds to communities based on need without the                                         shackles of a statewide property tax.
The voters of my district have elected me to serve seven terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. In 2005, The Speaker of the House selected me to be the Deputy Majority Leader on his leadership team.   I serve on the Finance Committee where I am a member of the division responsible for health care funding.   In 1995 Governor Merrill appointed me to serve for five years in the executive branch of the state government as a Commissioner on the State Board of Pharmacy representing the interest of the public.
The New Hampshire Business Council Award as appreciation of my support to the NH business community during the 2004 legislative session
Three times the New Hampshire Health Care Association named me their legislator of the year in appreciation of my support of health care issues, especially the long term care needs of our senior citizens.  I helped create the “nursing home assessment” program which brings in an additional fifty million dollars a year for the support of our county nursing home Medicaid beds.    This directly reduced county property taxes!   
In 2005, a Blue Ribbon Legislator by Cornerstone for my support of family values.
In 2006,  the New Hampshire chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness "Legislator of the Year" Award.
The NH Association of Counties named me their legislator of the year in 2007.
In 2009 I was name a "Champion of the Children" by the Early Childhood NH
Education background:
Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia
Florida Junior College, AA Criminal Justice   Jacksonville, Florida
University of North Florida   Jacksonville, Florida
Professional background:
Retail sales department manager
Corporate buying office retail merchandiser in New York City
Former business owner of two day care
Owns and manages residential rental properties
Licensed real estate broker
Police academy graduate
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