I want to thank all of you who have voted for me, volunteered for me and put up signs for me this election and past elections.  While we came up short this time in winning, I want to tell you how much my  years serving the citizens of my house district towns have meant to me.  You all have made my life richer and I hold my head up high knowing that I did the very best I could to represent you well.  I now look at the thousands of hours a year I have re-gained in my life and look forward to the doors that will open as my door to elected office closes.  God Bless you all and please vote on November 2nd!
      I believe in efficient, frugal, and limited
  government. I have and will continue to fight
  for our citizens' right not to be burdened  with
  a sales or income tax.

      I understand that YOU would rather have
  more money in your pocket to spend on
  supporting your family than sending it to big
  spenders in Concord!

      I currently serve on the House Finance
  Committee and firmly believe that the use of
  taxpayers money should be as a helping hand,
  not a way of life.  I have fought to promote
  streamlined and efficient government.

     I am a strong believer in our constitutional           rights.  I have an “A” rating with the NRA
   and in the past have been endorsed by the   Gun Owners of America for my efforts to     protect our second
  amendment rights.

     I have fought for traditional pro-family values.
   I support legislation that will continue to define
   marriage only between a man and a woman.

Paid for by Fran for Senate, Fran Wendelboe, Fiscal Agent       
The Conservative with the "PROVEN" record
Picture of the Day.....
Bridgewater 2010 Old Home Day annual Photo!

September 13
Good Old Boys Lunch Woodsville

September 12th
Ice Cream social Mt. Cube Farm Store Orford  1:30 pm

September 11th  Thornton

September 9
Kathleen's Cottage meet and greet Bristol  5pm

September 8
Pizza and Politics Village Pizza Woodsville 5:30

September 7
PBVRC pulled pork dinner Plymouth

September 4
Lunch on the Common Meet and Greet Monroe 12:30

September 3
Spaghetti supper meet and greet Benton town hall  5:30

September 2
Ice cream social meet and greet "At the Hop" in Bath 5:30

August 29
New England Air Show Portsmouth

August 28
Skips Gun Shop
Bristol Old Home Day
Lyme Town Yard Sale
Bath Rock and Roll Street Party

August 27
Bristol Fireman Spaghetti Dinner

August 26
Private Reception Fratellos Manchester
Fisher Cats Game with Senate PAC

August 24
Orange Selectman's Meeting

August August 22

August 21
Bridgewater Old Home Day
American Legion Meredith
NRA Dinner Concord

August 20
5:30 Wendelboe ice cream social, forum Plymouth

August 19
Golden View
Belknap County Fram Bureau cook out

August 17
Lake Winona/Waukewan DES public hearing Meredith

August 14
Rumney Old Home Day parade
New Hampton Old Home Day
Alexandria Fireman's bar b quetext.

      I WILL NOT campaign in the gutter.  My candidacy is based on
  the  issues and my proven record.  I challenge my opponent to
  DEBATE the ISSUES.   I'm ready to debate, is my primary opponent?
Fran officially signs up for State Senate June 3rd at the Secretary of State's Office surrounded by dozens of supporters!
Fran, surrounded by dozens of supporters, officially signs up to run for State Senate.
NH Liberty Alliance Endorses Fran

NH Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Fran

NH Right to Life PAC urges vote for Fran!

NH Families For Education endorses Fran based on HER VOTING RECORD, not just a survey.